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This is Partum

Business Software Solution Providers

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    Scales to all viewports and browsers. Quantum is built on the powerful Bootstrap 3 framework and comes fully equipped with [...]

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Software Development

Develop softwares, web applications, e-commerce websites, databases and etc.

Networks Design

Partum provides networks in buildings, offices, CCTV and with all networks program.

Business Solutions

Design softwares for all type of business to take them higher.


Web Application and Databases



E-commerce Website Development



Content Management System and Websites


Take your company to the next level

PARTUM provides system softwares, web applications, small business wesbistes, management systems, databases and many more to take your company to the next level and also offers workshops, courses and training to help to get your development up to speed with the latest technologies. In an environment where technology is constantly evolving its important that your staff stay current and up to date.

Our workshops run between 1 to 2 hours and are absolutely free to registered PARTUM members.

Sign up for our free software training workshops and product informations,

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Our Products

Our proven skills record speaks for itself



Company uses Python mostly for all kind of development and operations.



Django is the most common framework of python,
mostly we uses django for development



Databases that are mostly uses in the projects are Sqlite, Mysql, Postgres and Mysql Server



AngularJS is the common Javascript farmwork that company uses along with VueJS